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SNK Positional Gun Interface

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--- Quote from: baritonomarchetto on November 26, 2023, 07:24:29 am ---I am working on my first interface for positional guns. In particular, this will be compatible with SNK guns from Beast Busters.
I have just uploaded a video with my progresses.

The PCB will be the subject of a dedicated article on Instructables and Gerbers and sketches shared.

--- End quote ---

Nice work on creating this! I was wondering if I can run the recoil arduino as a standalone for just recoil? I already have a button and joystick solution with my APAC Board but I would like a good solution for the recoil in my mounted guns. Are the schematics or wiring diagram available somewhere too? I did see some things in the arduino script but I'm still learning in that department. Thanks

Sure, you can use a cheap Arduino nano to manage outputs. I wrote a full tutorial years ago, with info about driver circuits too. I used the MOSFET driver circuit in this project. Take a look if you are interested (ITA, but you can have it translated)
In the linked Instructable you will find a generous Step about emulators configuration.

Thank you for your help and for all the info you provide. It has helped tremendously with my mounted guns build.

You are welcome  :)

i've done something similary with Lwclone2u ( ledwizz clone ) and a arduino leonardo , outputs for recoil are on the same board with controller input
This project is for an SPACEGUN arcade cabinet
I have a question
When you launch two player and shoot at same time , example in Space Gun , Beast buster etc , recoil doesn't work correctly seem miss sometime
Is it Okay with your configuration?


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