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I'm definitely not new, but I'm still building, or at least innovating. This hobby keeps on getting more interesting.

Bobby's fresh attitude definitely helps.

Mike A:
I am converting my steel storage barn into a full shop.

36' x 54'

2 post lift for cars and trucks.

Full wood shop.

3 electronics workbenches.

Game storage.

I had my yearly Centuricon a couple of weeks ago.

Arroyo and Bperkins01 came down for the week.

On that Friday, a bunch of arcade nerds came out and spent the day fixing stuff.

Someone brought their Canyon Bomber PCB and we fixed that.

We took a barn find, 100 percent dead Sega Turbo and got it 99 percent working. There is a minor graphical glitch that still needs fixing.

We worked on Monitors.

We drank beer. We played games. One of my buddies brought his pizza oven and made pizzas for everyone.

Capped it off with a visit one day to another arcade nerds house to do repairs.

Another day we visited an arcade nerd with like 70 games in his arcade room.

Spent that day playing games and working on his Major Havoc and his Star Wars cockpit.

I didn't advertise here because I guess I was discouraged that none of you guys ever show up when I do.

You are really missing out.

I'm one of the OLD ones here ! ! Still Alive & Kicking :)

Where's DaOldman ?

Hello again friends!

Hey Ray! I don't do much, but I mostly build and resell - sold 3 Donkey Kongs last year, and just sold this Galaga cocktail which is going in someones Air BnB. It's a Space Invaders cocktail cabinet that I converted. I did one like this in 2008 as well.


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