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--- Quote from: leapinlew on December 02, 2023, 04:10:24 pm ---... just sold this Galaga cocktail which is going in someones Air BnB. It's a Space Invaders cocktail cabinet that I converted. I did one like this in 2008 as well.

--- End quote ---

Won't they be mad when they find out you messed up and put a Xevious board in it?


DaOld Man:
Yeah Im still here, drop in occasionally.
Not building anything right now.
You guys talk about old, you dont know nothing yet! LOL
But as I said, Im still here, occasionally sign on to say something, but usually I lurk in the background. LOL

Im still planning to catch one of the yearly get togethers you guys have before I go to that big arcade in the sky. (Hopefully no time soon.)

I'm just here for James's  PCB hacking. PL1's posting/moderation did this place no favors but everyone's tired of me saying it so I'll stop.

Boy that Arcade 1up section is just absolutely bustling with activity.

I haven't built anything in years, I did make 2 with kits from Haruman , a MsPac for my mom and a plain white vert for me. I'm still slowly working on my race cab, but I enjoy being a father more than working on it. Its very likely to be given away soon/trashed.  I got into pinball for a bit but I don't make enough money for that hobby.  I still have a tiny dust covered arcade in my basement but that is only because I can't will myself to get rid of ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- for some reason.

Kidding aside I work on stuff... it's just the finishing part I have problems with.   Currently working on a virtual pinball cab.... it's about 85% there except for the finish work.   Racing cab still needs a good set of pedals but that's next year's project.  Honestly the site itself keeps me from posting project updates.  I'm too lazy to use the icloud app in windows to download all my project pics to post them and the site isn't very readable on my phone.   Complain complain.   


--- Quote from: Malenko on December 06, 2023, 05:50:02 pm ---Boy that Arcade 1up section is just absolutely bustling with activity.

--- End quote ---

Read the room, nowhere here is bustling…


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