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Is there any known reason the IR camera in a Top Shot wouldn't work?


--- Quote from: Matuca1849 on April 23, 2024, 01:35:26 pm ---Is there any known reason the IR camera in a Top Shot wouldn't work?

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Because it's not the same camera at all and wouldn't be compatible? Unless you have proof of it being the same Pixart sensor.
Would be really nice if it was compatible! But that's not how it works.


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--- Quote from: judokan on November 30, 2023, 01:42:39 pm ---Now it works perfectly, thank you very much, now I will continue testing things, this is a great project with more memory, more processor and a world of functions that can be added like the analog ones  :lol

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Do you happen to have any documentation on how you performed this? I have the Xbox version and was looking to do this same thing. are you able to keep the functionality of all the buttons?


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You mean modding a Top Shot Elite? It's not very hard. I made a basic adapter plate to fit a Pico (w/ headers) where the original's mainboard sat in. The back analog stick and buttons will work just fine--but if you're using a 3D printable mount for the camera to fit at the front barrel, then you'll have to remove the original front buttons/right stick board to make room.

I could be horribly wrong on that last part, but it's what I had to do (and I've found my front buttons board was super finicky and wasn't cooperating - plus most RP2040 boards only has enough pins to support one stick anyways).

Bae wake up, new GUN4ALL update just dropped.

Mostly fixes, but notable inclusions are:
* External NeoPixels actually work now, and I've verified this for sure lol.
* Temperature sensor support is properly fixed and merged, meaning just one build for each board that covers all possible configurations! No more confusing -tmp36 builds.
* D-pads are now mapped to the gamepad slot's d-pad, rather than the keyboard.
* Other various fixes and improvements.And on the other end, the new GUI update now supports rebooting connected guns to the bootloader mode, to make updating to this version that much easier! Granted, this one required kind of a dirty hack that utilizes the OS's own apps to perform this function (because Qt just wasn't cooperating), but turns out that the mode and stty cli apps are pretty much standard across Windows and Linux, respectively! So it shouldn't be an issue. The Linux build will also now detect if the running user is in the dialout group at startup, and give a command for the user to copy/paste into a terminal to do it (again, using the aforementioned hack, but also again, groups and usermod are standard on Unix).

At some point, I'd definitely love to get over-the-air updates going with the GUI, to make it literally one-click. And unless any other bugs crop up, the only thing left on my bucket list is re-exposing full button function mapping functionality. Fun!

So, I'm having an issue where it doesn't seem to be working properly unless I open the GUI then select the port, unselect it, then reselect it. It pops up with an error about the data not being received in time but it will operate fine until I close the error box. I'm on the latest version. Any ideas?

Edit: I think it may be my own fault here. I currently have only the IR camera wired as I like having the full functionality of the other buttons on the controller and am using a program to map them to the keyboard. I will wire the pump and trigger and report back.

I am really enjoying this so far and do really appreciate all the work you've put into creating it!


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