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Houston Arcade Show - November 10, 11, 12, 2023



Mike A:
It was very inconsiderate of them to schedule that show for the same dates as Centuricon.

There will probably be more people and games at your event.

Well, I went and had a hell of a time.  First time since 2019.  I've never hugged so many men in my life.  Not everyone made it through the last 4 years.

A few highlights.

Here's Mr. Boomshalakalaka in the flesh.  He's brought me much joy and I've owned World Cup Soccer 94 many, many years.  It was great to chat with him and I got him to sign a custom card for my pinball machine.

The "Final Draw" is one of the most irritating and satisfying shots in pinball. 

However, most importantly, BYOAC forum celebrity Malenko recently uncovered him in the Sega Saturn version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition.  Turns out even Sega Saturn manuals are ridiculously expensive these days, but I absolutely had to do it.  Merry Christmas, Malenko.

Played this, wasn't particularly impressed.  Needs a lot of playfield and rules tweaks.  No sign of Jennifer Connolly.  The movie always made my skin crawl.

"Two local breweries donated like... 50 cases of beer, bro.... go get some beer...."

Here I am enjoying an excellent concert by Oscillation Communication. 

Thinking, "don't creep shot the cute vampire goth chick..." and look who creep shotted me and posted it on The Facebook

Concert footage here:

Hadn't seen one of these in over 30 years.  It still discriminates against the color blind:

They seem nice but holy hell are they terrible harp players and singers.  The nerds are thirsty, tho.

Here's Atarimatt's rig paying respect to his elder troll

Picked this up for $10.  The only other Genesis cartridge I can't bootleg besides Virtua Racing.  Not good enough to get a special ending but still good enough to actually beat it, I'll take it.

Anyway, plenty more pictures but that's a good recap.


Mike A:
Very nice. Looks like a lot of fun.

It is funny you say that about Klax.

I was at 2 different collectors places this weekend.

One guy has a Klax cabaret. The other guy has an upright.


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