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Has anyone added a Dell 20" 2007FP to the new Atari 50th cab?
I noticed they are slightly less wide than say the SF or MK cab, so wondering if it was still possible to squeeze the 2007FP in there?

I'll answer my own question and confirm it would fit...with just a few mms to spare on the width, so don't know how a bezel would look.
I was skeptical about Arcade1up, but really impressed with this wee cab, especially the trackball which is very smooth and good quality.
My only gripe - if you're tall you have to use a stool as the marquee juts out and blocks your view of the very top of the monitor.
I plan to mod it into a MAME cab with an additional flight stick.
That way I will have covered most of the MAME games which use spinner, trackball or/and top-down fire joystick (even twin stickers like BattleZone).

^ me too lol..they all look pretty bad and wonky BUT I like the yoga flame edition withour riser for $300 it actually looks like the big midway cabinets. and I sold the parts for like $200(monitor, game, panel) and replaced all that now I have a nice functional cabinet thats playable.

I finished my mod to my Atari 50th cab.
Basically put a PC with HyperSpin in there and added an Ultimarc MiniGrip stick.
This way I can play pretty much play any game with trackball, spinner, two joysticks with fire, including those like Mad Planets, Tron and Discos of Tron which need a joystick with a fire button and a spinner.

Unfortunately the trackball and spinner on Atari 50 don't work with the Thunderstick 12 in 1 board, so I had to swap these out for a TurboTwist and a Thunderstick trackball. It was a shame as the stock trackball on the Atari 50 was really good.

I initially planned to upgrade the monitor, but once you apply the MAME HLSL to the games, the stock monitor really pops and I think its about the right size for this cab.
Overall it was a bit of a fiddle, but I'm happy with the end result.


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