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Claw Machine Help!


I just bought a used claw machine for my classroom.  I'd love to change the dip-switch settings to make it easier for my younger students to win.  I was wondering if anyone had the manual for this machine.  It's a Nascar Claw Machine made by O.K. Manufacturing.  Thanks so much!  I greatly appreciate it!

little late, but i came across one of these crane boards in another machine... a "tiki hut" claw machine. |(the nascar machine you have there looks like they just rebranded it)

you can adjust the strength of the claw by cranking up a little white dial labeled VR2 (next to the 4 red lights in the corner of the board) with a small screwdriver.

one way should make the claw grip weaker, the other will make it stronger.

manual with some dip switch settings and diagrams here:

i would attach it here, but it's bigger than this site allows


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