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Admin help please


I changed email to an account since I switched ISPs and the old email account with with them. Now my account needs to be verified, but no email is ever sent. What to do?

I registered this account just to post. Can an admin activate my real account?

My real account is Havok. I didn't see a way to submit a request or post without an account, so here I am.


Email sent to both the address on your Havok account and Saint. (

He can manually activate your Havok account, but if it's one of the email providers that he talks about in this thread, the server won't be able to send you emails -- no notifications of private messages received, no notifications of updates to threads you're participating in, etc.

The info that Saint needs to manually activate an account is:
- Username
- Account profile URL with your account's usernumber i.e.;u=4646 (4646 is the Havok account usernumber)



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