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I'm just done with modern movies, like I'm not even going to try to keep up anymore. If I went back in time and told myself that there would be a new Indiana Jones movie in 2023(!) and that it was so bad I wouldn't even pirate it, much less go see it, I'd probably not believe myself. Then I'd say "now let me tell you what they did to star wars!"

I've just watched goodfellas for the first time ever, just never saw it in the day because there was so much selection. Next up is the godfather. Caught "no country for old men" yesterday, just so many good movies from writers and directors who were talented, which I just missed. I mean, they're going to release captain avenger 2 or whatever it's called soon, even though it's slated to LOSE over 300 MILLION dollars...what kind of crazy world is this. Who do they think is the audience for this crap?

So anyway, any tips for GOOD movies that weren't exactly blockbusters 'in the day' ??
Generally I'm an action flick guy, but with the GAWDAWFUL expendables 7 or whatever they just releases, I think it's safe to say that action movies are dead (I liked john wick 1, there was NO need for ten more).

I liked the newest Indiana Jones and I saw it in theaters.  None of them are “that great” if you want to be honest.

Will be seeing the new Scorsese this weekend.

I will admit I have gotten -very- selective about what I see in theaters these days.

i saw mario movie with kids in the theater.
thought it was a good movie as far as animated movies go.

watched blue beetle. could of been shorter. there were parts where i was starting to fall asleep.
flash - if they just made an alternate timeline batman movie with Michael Keaton that would of been a better movie.

Haunted mansion was better than expected
the Meg2- i wish i saw that in the theater. Whole lotta fun there.
so were:
cocain bear

these movies i had to look up what was released in 2023.
i streamed them all and forgot i'd seen them. lol.
not bad. will probably watch again.

guardians 3
john wick
transformers rise of the beasts.
puss n boots

yeah there isn't whole lot going on recently.

Here's my list of classics. To make it on this list you not only have to be good but you have to be worth watching more than once.


--- Quote from: fallacy on October 19, 2023, 12:11:26 am ---Here's my list of classics. To make it on this list you not only have to be good but you have to be worth watching more than once.

--- End quote ---

I've seen a lot of those, so I'll check out the other ones on the list, much appreciated. :)

As to the new movies, I did watch Guardians 3 (not as good as 1 or even 2), and saw meg 2 but like almost all movies these days, I have no idea what it was about. That's the thing it's like watching a fireworks display, you sort of enjoy bits of it while it's happening, but then it's over and you can't recollect what happened.  The last star wars episode was the worst, I've seen it twice now, and I don't have any idea how it ends or even what happened. 10,000 star destroyers and an old pedophile or something. Yet I watched 'no country', and can recollect every part of the movie (did the wife die at the end?). Same for goodfellas. CGI and "throw everything at the screen" has just wrecked it all. It's funny, the little town near me has one of the largest used bookstores in the country, and it's PACKED all day every day. I chatted up the employees, and they said they were almost set to close up shop after decades in business, until suddenly people started swarming the place...young and old. I think it's indicative of the thirst for actual, non politicized, non fireworks style entertainment. Just a good story and characters who we understand their motivations. I'm out in a community of only ~20 people over an area of 20 miles, and there's a book exchange in the old horse barn down the road. People bring a book, take a book, and damn if there isn't some great turnovers in there. Not just people dumping old books, but strangers taking care in what they leave for others to read. I say this as someone who grew up a movie junkie, video games etc. I'm not tired of movies, they just suck. It's a strange world when 300 million dollars doesn't buy a movie worth watching, but a $5 book is as good today as it was when it was written 30 years ago. Hell I've started tearing apart old cars because it's more fun than the latest call of duty...
Sorry for the soapbox boys, but you can keep your indy 12's and friday the 13th part 30.... I just want some quality programming again, and there's SO MUCH out there, I just have to find it. Cheers!


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