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Powerup Baseball full art set - Ready for download


We had a customer a while back who wanted to build their own Powerup Baseball machine so we made a reproduction set from photos and as many references as we could find. Obviously this isn't the quality we would normally sell as it's not from a scan and we try to only work from scans for accuracy where possible. So we wanted to put this art out there for everyone.

I have attached links to the whole set below. It's hosted on temporary storage so if anyone knows somewhere a bit more permanent for large files that would be great.

Caveats - Is this as good as a full scan... No of course it's not. This is a remake, with lots of guess work so probably some innacuracies but does it print nicely and allow everyone to build their own prototype cabinet. Yes %100 and you don't need to do any work to it. It's all sized ready for print to go on a 4 player midway cab.!AiteF48vNDykko8Z2iqSZAF_ahPalg?e=l2L6Kn

If anyone wants to say thanks, do a nice thing and donate to one of the many kids gaming charities that help put games in hospitals for kids to play when they need an escape the most. Have listed a few below.

If you do need anything printed including this set, please reach out of head to - We do offer free worldwide shipping over $100.


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