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Hello All,
I'm new here and looking for some help if at all possible. A friend of mine received a free Golden Tee Arcade that would boot but had a bad screen. I helped him upgrade it to a golden tee complete pedestal hooded to a projector for his bar. He called me last night and said it wouldn't load the game. When I arrived it was trying to rebuild the file system. After about an hour of it not moving we power cycled the machine and now it is showing no video display. I let it sit for a bit to see if we could hear the game boot and ultimately nothing. I might be wrong here but my guess at this point is the CF is corrupt. Would this be a safe guess?

Not to go into too much story but the guy is going through a financial issue atm and I want to fix the system and not have him buy another chip off eBay. Would any complete ROM download work if it has Eagle?

Another thing I'm wondering is, I have an old 40 GB Intel Solid-state could I replace the CF card with it using a converter? Has anyone tried this for reliability reasons?
Here is the link from what i was thinking of using

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

if you google yourself up a "golden tee complete 2006 chd" and follow some instructions for building a harddrive from a CHD using CHDMAN from here :

you can build a new drive from scratch  :cheers:

So for the full arcade cabinet with the original board can take an HD with the ROM image or would I then need to install MAME as well?


--- Quote from: Forsanctus on October 07, 2023, 12:38:52 pm ---So for the full arcade cabinet with the original board can take an HD with the ROM image

--- End quote ---
Correct.  You don't have to install MAME on your original Golden Tee cab.

The process lilshawn linked to allows you to use the correct Golden Tee CHD (Compressed Hunks of Data) file and the CHDMAN utility to repair/replace the original HDD with an exact sector-for-sector, bit-for-bit copy of the original HDD that works with your original PCB and ROMs.   ;D


MAME images are literally dumps of the original data from the hardware, be it CHD for harddrive images or BIN for binary files contained in ROM chips. (usually ZIP format because there is usually a pile of ROM chips with each having a portion of the data... so containing several BIN files)

the whole point of MAME was to take the original data from the games and use it on emulated hardware. to do so you need the original data from the game.

so if you have a game with a bad ROM chip, you can download (from someplace) a mame dump of that game... find the appropriate rom image you need in the package... and dump that on a blank chip. presto bango, you are up and running again.


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