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It has been years since I have been on here.  About 10-12 years ago I saw a bar with an arcade built into it online, perhaps here.  I instantly wanted to create one of my own, but wasn't able to at that time.  Shortly after that, my wife and I bought a house with a bar already in the basement.  The basement was originally finished before we bought the house, but there was an incident with some water damage and the previous owner removed most of the walls and flooring to the finished basement.  We worked very hard after purchasing the house to re-finish the basement.  I even put a TV on the wall behind the bar for the arcade.  Well, other hobbies took over and the bar was used for storage and a workbench instead of getting turned into an arcade.  My wife and I have gotten really into woodworking over the last 3 years and I came up with this idea again. 

I cannot seem to find the pictures of that bar with an arcade built into it online anymore.  The bar was more of a traditional bar with wood grain (maybe oak) instead of being painted.  I remember the control panel flipped down somehow.  I am looking for pictures for reference and inspiration for my build.  I will not copy it exactly, just looking to see how certain things were done.  Over the years, I actually purchased most of what I need for the build.  Basically I think I have all/most of the buttons, joysticks, and a 4 player control board.  Thank you for any help you can point me to.

This isn't ringing any bells with anyone?

I remember it.  Just don't have a link.  IIRC it was in the stickied control panel thread, but if they were hosting the pics elsewhere, they may be gone.

Edit: the control panel database thread is stickied in the main forum.  Your post probably didn't get many views here in the woodworking subforum.

It was probably this one.
Pics gone.  All links dead or don't have pics.

PL1: has the photos in this backup of that thread.



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