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LEDBlinky and I-PAC Ultimate Help


I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get LEDBlinky to play nice with an I-PAC Ultimate board over here.

I decided to do a partial upgrade by ditching the zero delay encoders and adding an I-PAC Ultimate. However I'm keeping my Amazon EGStarts buttons for now.

The buttons have 3 pins, but I got them to work with the i-pac by connecting pins 1 & 3 to the led + and numbered ports, and the middle pin to the player pins. This lights the LEDs and registers inputs from the buttons. Awesome so far. But I can't get LED Blinky to control the LEDs. Led test doesn't do anything, and when using the wizard no LEDs blink. (edit: the simple LED test does have an almost imperceptible dimming across most - but seemingly not all - of the LEDs when I slide the intensity slider up and down).

Even removing the middle pin for the button input and leaving only led+ and the led port on the i-pac dies nothing - LEDs all stay lit.

I also attempted to directly wire a bare LED, to the board. Again, it lights up, but the simple LED test does seemingly nothing, and when using the config wizard it doesn't blink.

Any ideas?

(Edit: should also probably point out that the LEDs are all constantly lit. My understanding is that they're supposed to do some kind animation on power startup of the i-pac, but they just light up, nothing else ,)


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