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Ultimarc AimTrak Bluetooth Upgrade Kit- Worth it?


THAT^ :)

You have to lose the feedback solenoid too, right?

Yes, You have to lose the Recoil functionality. The Battery that comes with the Bluetooth kit isn't powerful enough to run the Recoil-Solenoid.

I converted my Aimtrak Guns to Bluetooth.
The Bluetooth functionality did not work. It was incredibly slow. The Aimtrak Desktop app struggled to communicate with the Guns.
It turned out it was because the Bluetooth dongle on my PC was outdated. It was Bluetooth Dongle 4.0.
When I connected the Guns to my 2017 Microsoft Surface with factory installed Bluetooth, The Guns worked fine.

So my suggestion is, get the Aimtrak Bluetooth kit if your PC has Factory installed Bluetooth. Or newer Bluetooth Dongle, such as Bluetooth 5.1 or newer.
The Aimtrak Bluetooth kit will not work with Bluetooth Dongles that are 4.0. Not even the Dongle that Aimtrak sells worked for me.

So you miss recoil?

I like it for others who don't play much-I don't notice much anymore.

Any one power it separately somehow?

The only way to power the recoil separately will be to put in a 24v battery inside the Gun. I don't know any 24v batteries that will fit inside the AimTrak gun.


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