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Need advice restoring Area 51 Pedestal cabinet. Step 1 procuring a TV


Due to a strange confluence of circumstances, I find myself in possession of an Area 51 pedestal cab with what I believe to be an original Area 51 board inside, and two light guns.  I have very little idea what I am doing.  It has been sitting in my garage for a couple years now, and there is a small amount of rust around the coin mechanism, but otherwise it appears to be in good shape.

I do not currently have a CRT television to test it out with, but there's a lot of them on marketplace for cheap.  I've been told that a sony wega would be an ideal television for this purpose, but these are not cheap.  Does anyone have guidelines on what kind of TV would work for this?  I'm not looking for state of the art perse but I'd like the game to be functional.  This was a favorite game of mine back in the day and I used to challenge myself to try and beat it on one coin.

I don't have any documentation on the pedestal itself either, so any guidelines on how I can find a manual/wiring diagrams would be good.  I have some experience soldering and such in my roll as a techworker, but I'm not an electrician.

Very appreciative of any advice this community might have.  It'd be great if I could get this thing working.


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