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Outrunners on Megadrive - why so pricey???

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I'm curious - does anyone know why Outrunners on the Megadrive is so flipping expensive on eBay these days???  I mean, I know the price of retro games has gone a bit mad, but these prices are absolutely insane for a port that was absolutely slated when it was first released. I mean... 70 for the cartridge on its own??? Complete copies going for almost 300 😬🤯 Absolute insanity.

In many ways you've answered your own question - "the price of retro games has gone a bit mad"

That impacts some games more than others and will often impact the games that didn't sell so well as, simply, there are less of them.
There are collectors markets both for complete Megadrive game sets and OutRun games sets and to complete the collections you also need to buy the duffers and those that didn't sell well.

Even moreso when the duffers and poorly received games of the time are seen in a better light. Retro Gamer magazine (issue 247 - Out Run 2) referenced Outrunners as "underrated and overlooked" so it is now seen as a decent game helped by the passing of time. Some games age well, others don't. Those that age well have a better value.

Supply and Demand - there aren't so many of them (as other games) and the demand is greater than it ever was. That said, the price on eBay isn't necessarily it's worth and they aren't necessarily selling at that price. IT's only worth what someone is willing to pay after all. CEX (and other direct sellers of retro games) perhaps gives a better idea of value (if you knock a few quid off!)

I can make you one for like $5.



--- Quote from: pbj on September 08, 2023, 08:59:32 am ---I can make you one for like $5.


--- End quote ---

Or he could play it on an emulator. Not really the aim of collecting though, is it?

Tend to your plane, out lander.


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