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lost my arcade1up virginity!! (need a panel tho)


sup :lol
alright this isnt actually bad. was fairly easy to put together and sturdy but the control panel is all kinds of ass. who gonna  make me a custom control panel or point me to the right direction? i need the the control panel 1 player with a seimitsu ls32 stick(I can order it directly to you) preferably top mounted with no bolts showing and 30mm sanwa buttons.

this is great for $300 from walmart(you can order online too). without riser its 49" tall and I can play sitting down no problem(im 6ft).

She a little thic....

BlameSaint :burgerking:

dunno if they arcade1up meant for this to fit perfectly but here it is lol..dont even need to buy a bezel  :burgerking:

I had to get something custom...


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