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Fixing stuff next weekend. Come on out. September 2nd

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Mike A:
I figured I would put the offer out there again.

My shop is open to anyone who wants to work on arcade stuff.

I have:

good table saw

small band saw

Bench top drill press

12" sliding mitre saw

abrasive wheel chop saw

30 inch metal brake up to 18 gauge steel

13 inch planer

router table

12x24" CNC machine

12x16" 60 watt CO2 laser

small air compressor

all of the basic power tools and hand tools.

Mike A:
Electronics bench

good multimeter

JAMMA bench test rig

soldering iron

desoldering gun

tons of wire

tons of connectors molex and otherwise

capacitors, sockets, resistors, etc

ROM reader and writer

Digital oscilloscope

Analog oscilloscope.

Mike A:
I have about 30 working arcade cabs

So tons of different combinations of hardware to test on.

Oh and feel free to come out and just play games too.

I play my games and I encourage others to play them as well.

Mike A:

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Mike A:

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