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4:3 20" dell monitor bezel for arcde1up


anyone else sells bezel other that tulsa arcades?? i hear they have like a 2 month wait time lol :dizzy:

edit: thought this was the arcade1up section  :dizzy:


--- Quote from: SNAAKE on August 24, 2023, 05:32:02 pm ---edit: thought this was the arcade1up section  :dizzy:

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Well, it is now.   :cheers:


I went with a 19" and I just used construction paper and clear plexi.

For my Gorf, I used some graphics on the original plexi (original 17")

You got a lot of skills. What is it you are looking for? I can't imagine it's just the artwork bezel?

just looking for the bezel, plexi isnt even needed I probably prefer without the plexi. i might just use a jigsaw to cut one out.


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