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Arcade1Up Time Crisis.

If I had the space, this would be pretty damn tempting, especially if it's got proper Namco GunCom stylee clacky-clack solenoid recoil guns. The selection of games is a tad anaemic though. Never heard of Steel Gunner before. You'da thunk for nearly 800 bucks they could've put some more Point Blank games on there (absolutely loved them on the PS1) and maybe Time Crisis 2 and/or Ghoul Panic.

Some Time Crisis 3 and Crisis Zone would've been nice too. They ran on slightly more powerful hardware - the Namco System 246 - an arcade board based on PlayStation 2 technology, so not especially powerful by today's standards so wouldn't have thought they'd be that difficult to add I'd have thought...? (and, FYI, the System 246's recently been made playable in an emulator called Play! Haven't actually tired it myself though...).

moddable? thats a nice gun game setup if I can put a pc in there lol


--- Quote from: SNAAKE on August 26, 2023, 02:31:57 pm ---moddable? thats a nice gun game setup if I can put a pc in there lol

--- End quote ---
I was curious what type of gun setup they were using so I looked into it.

From what I gather after a little searching they use gun tech licensed from Sinden, but with custom firmware that prevents them from being used on a PC. 

I'll be interested to see how accurately the guns work at 3 inches away from the screen and how well-built the pedal is.

$750 and they cant put a bigger monitor in there  :dunno


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