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Resident Evil- do ALL versions have janky controls?

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--- Quote from: SNAAKE on August 27, 2023, 12:11:45 pm ---those games werent difficult just because of the controls tho lol. you get limited supply of things and had to "survive the horror"

in fact resident evil 3 in normal mode is quite difficult and its not because of the controls its because nememis is alway all up in yo business and you have limited ammo/supply to fight and sometimes you are forced to just run.

--- End quote ---

Dunno, playing re4 I couldn't even make the gun fire when I wanted. I just had to resort to stabbing everything. AND THE REST OF THE CONTROLS WERE JANKY TOO. Its not a perspective of being spoilt by modern games, I can quite happily play Goldeneye on the N64 or Medal of Honor on the GameCube this very minute.

Ok, just read a review of the re4 remake. Might give that a go when it's cheap -

"Mechanically Resident Evil 4 feels hugely different as well, with Leon being far lighter on his feet than he was in the 2005 game. RE4s tank controls are a thing of the past and Leon can now move and shoot, duck and generally perform with far more athleticism than he did before."

re4 remake controls is better.

I even played the wii version which is very fun you get to shoot with the wiimore and stab by doing the stab motion lol. if you still plan to play the original re4 I highly recommend the wii version.

Um, like I said, HAVE the Wii version. Pretty all I could do was stab because between the tank controls and the not being allowed to shoot the moment you need to shoot thing it was down to flailing wildly at the baddies 😄

It's a pity, because COD world at war is really good fun on the Wii, controls are great 👍

But at some stage I'll try this latest version of re4


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