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Resident Evil- do ALL versions have janky controls?

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Many moons ago I had a go of Resident Evil 2. Tank controls. No matter, I knew about that and thought I'd give it a go, but really didn't like it. I figured later iterations would be better. Lately I've read that Resident Evil 4 is good, and that you get the most from the Wii version. Well, turns out I have it (dunno about you guys, but sometimes you buy games and forget you have it 😄 ). Anyway, that has janky controls too. While I was looking in my collection, I realised I had Resident Evil for the GameCube, again supposed to be an improvement over the original. Nope.

And it's not just a matter of context. Resident Evil on PS1 is contemporary to Mario and Goldeneye. They control much better. The GameCube version is contemporary to Medal of Honour. And the Wii version is contemporary with Call of Duty World at War.

What's the story? I would like to say I've played one, but don't want to waste more money.

i believe the tank style controls where intentionally chosen to perceive the game as more difficult than it actually is.

by RE4, it changed to the more popular "tracking" camera and a movement style we have come accustomed to in other 3rd person shooters of the time, so it made things "easier" for those players. RE6 rolled out, it had got rid of the tanky controls and went full shmup.

I never understood the janky controls issue. played the originals when I was like 11 and all of them were perfectly playable.

maybe you wanna try re2 remake and re4 remake. these might have better controls I dunno. both amazing games tho. re4r with slight motion sickness.

As I highlighted before, other games contemporary to the ones I've played were much better to control. If what lilshawn says is correct - they made the controls awkward just to make the game harder, I'm out. Just have good controls and make the game harder!

those games werent difficult just because of the controls tho lol. you get limited supply of things and had to "survive the horror"

in fact resident evil 3 in normal mode is quite difficult and its not because of the controls its because nememis is alway all up in yo business and you have limited ammo/supply to fight and sometimes you are forced to just run.


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