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If you want to have fun while killing a few minutes - Return to sender!


Found this little browsergame 'return to sender'. It's basically a bullethell shooter with a neat twist. Use the cursor keys to dodge bullets while a gauge on the right fills up. When the gauge is full, a sort of bullet-time starts. While the gauge depletes, enemies and bullets move in slow-motion. You can tag bullets, those are 'returned to sender' when the gauge is fully depleted and real-time starts again. How many enemies can you kill?

return to sender

My best score so far is 41.

28 on my first try.  Would it be cheating to use a joystick?

It would make the game easier, but also more fun. What the heck, go ahead  :cheers:


Some guy in the comments got 96. I have to turn my score around.


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