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63 AMI Rowe JAL200


63 AMI Rowe gets a selection put in but just keeps spinning and doesn't want to select anything

typically the ground wire from the spinamthing to the solenoid (or the solenoid itself) on the selectors goes bad and wont trip the solenoid to pop the pins to trigger the rest of the system. you just have to trace it back through the selector board with the metal finger that runs on the circuit back to the keyboard. if the keypad is mounted to the door, opening and closing the door can break the wires making digging them out and fixing them a real pain.

power goes up to the keyboard and back through the circuit board, the spinamathing finger spins around and when it finds a grounded out trace (the buttons selected on the keyboard), it pops the solenoid and pushes out the pin. (also resets the keypad)

if you manually pop a pin out and the run the selector does it stop at the record, load, and play it?

it sounds like you are almost there with it, since it IS spinning.


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