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How to power LEDs in a Touchtunes Allegro jukebox?

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I am going to use a PC build inside of a Touchtunes Allegro jukebox. I am trying to figure out how to power the LEDs that are already built into the jukebox. It looks like the LED wiring harness plugs into the I/O board, but I am not sure how to power it as the jukebox had the factory computer removed (but the I/O board is still there).

I've attached a picture of the I/O board. I see on the right side there is a spot for 12vdc in, but I'm not sure what power rating the plug should be and don't want to fry the I/O board by using the wrong power supply.

I also see the "power from pc" spot below that, and thought maybe I could buy a PC and use it to power the I/O board? I'm just not sure what direction to go.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

they are a form of individually addressable LED's they receive data from the IO board. i'm unsure of the protocol used.

what i did with the last allegro i converted for home use was just put some RGB led tape inside them and then daisy chain the sections together. the kit i bought even has a remote and music pulsing. worked out pretty good.

That is what I thought I might have to do. The lazy side of me wants to be able to power the LEDs that are already there, but worst case scenario I can go that route. Do you have a link to the kit you used? If that's not allowed, disregard. Meanwhile, I already ordered a TouchTunes PC from eBay so now I'll have to return it if it doesn't power up the I/O board and make the factory light show work.

Do you have a pic/video of your aftermarket LEDs in action!?

i just picked up a random kit from amazon. it was like 20 bucks. just searched up "RGB LED kit" and bought the cheapest one that had about the right amount of tape to cover the jukebox sides and top.

it came with the controller, remote, 15 feet of led strips, and a power supply all in a kit. i just set it to smooth cycle through all the colors, when it hears sound, it picks a random color to change to.

i suspect the protocol used by the oem leds is similar to DMX protocol... but i can't be sure. TT had the led modules built by some 3rd party called Color Kinetics and there is no info available for them. (i attempted to contact the maker to see if i could get a part number for the LED's to replace some in machines that where acting sketchy... who said there was no schematics or anything available due to copyright) i'm not really interested in reverse engineering the system, as it would really do nothing for me, and if it is indeed DMX, i'd need to buy an interface that would likely be more than the 20 buck amazon kit anyway.

I can say for certain, the factory lightshow does not operate until the touchtunes software boots into the user interface and it loads the settings (configurable in the operator panel) for how the light show will act from a configuration. none of which will happen if you are not an operator, the machine is in good standing with TT (IE not disabled or blacklisted), and the machine is not locked out due to it not communicating over the internet with TT in the last 30 days. in a nutshell the machine will not boot if you aren't a juke operator with touchtunes.

That makes total sense. Seems like your route is the much easier option. I think I'll be returning the TouchTunes computer then lol. Thank you for all that information! Saved me a ton of headache!


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