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Think I've bought a lemon, now to patch it up..


After some stories of hope and positivity after buying a bit of a lemon! I'm proper miserable as a result  :(

Had a euro style jamma cabinet delivered, worn as you'd expect for the age but seemed okay.

Moved it forward once to swap the board, took the back out to swap the game, had one quick game and noticed the right and left sides of the cabinet seemed to be pulling away from the rest of the cabinet, dowels visible, like the whole thing is about to fall apart.

I'm very much not skilled as far as woodwork goes, only thing I can think of using is sash clamps, possibly a tie down set too to try and squeeze things back together, see if it holds a day or two then repeat with glue?

Edit - Well with a bit of local support, some cheap sash clamps and amazingly cargo straps I've done what I can today. Hopefully it'll be enough for now, if it comes apart again I'm thinking the insides will need a good support batons  but we'll see!


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