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After a big move and work stuff, I am slowly getting back on this forum :afro: Saw this non-working bartop Megatouch XL Platimum for 50 euros and couldn't resist. It's not working and sold by some guy who gave up on it. The original symptoms were nothing on screen and a repeating popping sound from the speaker. I did spot some cables being loose but nothing stopped the pops.

By moving and pushing around the cards and cables around I did get it to boot partly on some occasions. That was hopeful. So I set out to disassemble thing thing and OH MY GAWD THESE BOLTS ARE ON TIGHT and non-metric. After lots of angry cussing I broke a decoupling cap on the audio codec. The values are in the codec's datasheet so that should be a quick fix. For now i just cut it out.

Not giving up though, I cleaned it all up. That was a mess. Got rid of all the dust, cleaned all edge connectors with IPA and put fresh thermal paste on the CPU.

That leaves me with a Megatouch XL that boots to the security dongle check reliably, but somehow enters a black screen right after the sequence shown below..

So now to the questions... Does anyone know why the program freezes at this point? I tried the megatouch XL 6000 emulation in mame and the game starts up there right after the key screen.

Maybe the software is bad? I did order a CF to IDE module. Now if someone can point me to that keyless titanium image... :timebomb:

Welp, the problem was right in front of me the whole time. There is a 32MB RAM stick in the machine but it's not showing up fully. Mike on the Megatouch Players FB group knew it immediately.

Cleaning the RAM stick and trying the other slot changed nothing. Just ordered a bunch of 16 Megs FPM RAM sticks. Let's pray the issue is with the stick and not the motherboard ::)


Now to add some stability and long term comfort it's handy to move to a keyless XL Titanium image CF card install. While at it you might want to replace the exhaust fans too as the original ones tend to be extremely loud.

To do this you need a very legal image of titanium that's floating around, a 1GB CF card, CF-IDE converter and a Molex to 4-pin floppy converter cable.

You can connect this converter board directly to the motherboard, but the fan cover shown here will make it impossible to close the back. Remove the back and fans to clean everything at least..

Now the originals are 40CFM Sunon ones. My replacement of choice is the Arctic P8 80mm. These are around 24 CFM but their static pressure optimized design ended up with very similar air output in this cramped cabinet with almost no noise.

Now there is some soldering action required to transplant the Merit fan connectors but it should look like this when done.

Now for the whole end result:

I'm really happy with this. Suddenly the CPU and PSU fans are louder than the exhaust. The Titanium image also has my language (Dutch) that the legit Platinum was missing.. I'll be playing a lot this weekend :cheers:

Nice job!


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