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1st time linking 2 racing PCs - trying to get TechnoParrot linked up


So I've seen some others have similar issues on the forums. I'm trying to connect two PCs for racing with Techno Parrot. Outrun2 runs perfectly on both computers, but I'm unable to link them.
It seems everything is well configured, but they don't link when I start up both games within TP.

Player 1 computer is configurated with:




I've configured teknoparrot with the same parameters.

Player 2 computer config is:





I've configured teknoparrot with the same parameters.

Here are screenshots of my Test setsups for Outrun2 in TP:

I have some concern that my "racing network" perhaps isn't set up properly. I'm using an older netgear router. It's lit up like a christmas tree but not sure if the PCs are recognizing it correctly?  Here are a couple pics but not sure if I need to install router software perhaps? Ive researched but the info I found said that windows 10 should recognized and use the router hardward.  It says the network is undefined.

Thanks for any help,

Where it says in your screenshot IPV4: No Network Access, I think it should say No Internet Access. Can you ping one machine from the other and vice versa? (look that up, if you need to. And also how to turn on ping/echo response also - noting that win10 may be different to win7). When you check ipconfig via the command prompt, are the addresses you've listed the right ones? If you haven't set static IP addresses, i would do things that way.

The TP settings for Outrun 2 require: (my settings in brackets)
PC IPV4 address (
subnet mask (
Gateway ( - my router's IP)
DNS1 ( - again)
DNS2 (

Are you using an unmanaged switch, an old router, or just trying to connect the two PC's?


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