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gamecube controllers. what are my choices for new ones?

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I don't know much about the Switch, am I right in understanding the GC controller was re-released so people could play super smash brothers on the Switch with it? And that it still suited the original GC? If so, what am I looking for exactly? There seems to be a billion controllers out there...

my kid has one.
i'll ask him when he comes over for the weekend.

I don't own a Switch, but I did used to own a GameCube. The GameCube pads had a rounded proprietary connector that plugged into the console and as far as I can see the Switch pads are a standard USB A connector. It looks like you need an adapter to get the original GameCube pads working on Switch. It sounds like the controllers re-released for Switch Smash Bros have a standard USB A connector, so they wouldn't work on a regular GameCube (unless there's some kind of USB to GC connector gizmo you can buy)

I have a Smash branded GC controller. It came in an official Nintendo Switch branded box, has the Smash logo in the middle and it has the standard GC connector as well as an extra long cable. Otherwise, it's functionally identical to the original controllers I have. You do need a 4 player adaptor with 2 usb connectors to use regular GC controllers on the switch.

The annoying part is that the weird GC A button position (central, instead of on the right edge) means that a person who plays Smash with the standard Switch controllers won't have an easy time using the GC controllers and vice versa. In my experience, most younger players I've encountered seem to dislike the GC controllers for that reason. I wouldn't invest in GC controllers unless you're certain that they'll be used. Non-pro players probably aren't going to be able to do all that wave dashing and other advanced techniques anyway.

I didn't make it clear in my original post, but what I'm looking for is NIB GC controllers to use on my GameCube 🙂

I've used aftermarket ones and they are bad, and it seems that maybe maybe the best source for new is those re-released for the Switch, provided they still used the GC plug.


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