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Need Some help with Troubleshooting


My parents have an old Wurlitzer jukebox model 2204. The sound has been deteriorating over the years and has gotten to the point that it no longer really plays. One speaker has something coming out of it that reminds me of the song that was selected, but it is so distorted it sounds like it is behind a brick wall. The other two speakers do appear to be making sound, but it is just a buzzing noise. The speakers are wired in parallel, with the first speaker being the one that has the heavily distorted sound. The other two speakers humm with a louder sound than the music that is playing.

I need help on what I should do to troubleshoot it as I don't want to start buying and replacing random parts in the hopes that I replaced the correct one. On a side note, I also need help as the toggle for the buttons needs to be manually switched every time you want to select a song.

you are most definitely going to have to rebuild the amp. those caps are going to be drier than a popcorn fart in the middle of the sahara.

Thanks, I was worried that was the case. I have to find a manual on how to do that.

not terribly hard to do, just time consuming.

basically take inventory of all the capacitor values and types, buy them. then match them up and replace them being sure to observe polarity if they have them (recommend replacing one by one so you don't mix anything up)


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