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WTB/Galaga PCB


I'm looking a Galaga PCB for to buy.

US/Boise, Idaho


--- Quote from: HCBO on May 02, 2023, 09:40:34 pm ---I'm looking a Galaga PCB for to buy.

--- End quote ---
You might want to add "WTB:" (want to buy) and your location to the subject line of your original post so sellers are more likely to read your post.   :cheers:,87353.0.html


Just get a multiboard and set it to boot directly to Galaga.  No one will ever notice or care.

Anybody who has played the original game will care. On multiboards, Galaga's background starfield is wrong.

On the other hand, Galaga is one of the most highly sought boards. Expect to pay lots.

HCBO, suggest that you don't put your email out there like that. Is not necessary, like a spam magnet, could even invite identity theft when matched to your location(!) or other personal information. Gotta take care of yourself online.


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