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RocketLauncher Lightgun Package (Updated Modules/DemulShooter & MAME Hooker)

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Hello fellow lightgun gamers out there! I just wanted to share with you a package I put together, which allows for the native use of DemulShooter and MAME Hooker (pre-configured mostly) within RocketLauncher/RLUI (or whatever frontend your are using with RL).


RL Lightgun Package

The package includes updated RocketLauncher modules, .iniís and .isdís:

Sega Model 2 Emulator

Also includes:

MAME Hooker 5.1
DemulShooter 11.1.0
*NEW* DS HotSwap

This is the culmination of months of work and testing.  I should point out that I am not a coder or programmer.  The goal of this package was to provide a simple solution, a plug and play type of package, that allows for the hooking of arcade outputs/inputs from within RocketLauncher with very minimal configuration on your end.

Each module update includes a new "Lightgun" section, from which you can enable/disable DemulShooter, MAME Hooker, and DS HotSwap directly from the RocketLauncherUI (see attachments).

There is a ReadMe.txt file that contains information and a handful of steps to follow for each utility.


*NEW* - DS HotSwap

This utility enhances gaming convenience by enabling hotswapping of lightguns on the fly! 

 Hope you guys find this useful!


I recently updated the modules, ini's, and .isd's to make everything more modular

I compiled the Cleanup.ahk into an exe, so that way it can be ran as admin.  This provides a more compatible and cleaner solution when exiting Mame Hooker.  Having it as an ahk was causing some issues and wonky workarounds that wasn't streamlined.

Here is what it looks like now:

--- Code: ---Run, .\Module Extensions\Cleanup.exe
--- End code ---

It contains the following:

--- Code: ---Process,Close,mamehook.exe
--- End code ---

I also moved the Lightgun tab into the Rom Settings tab in the RLUI.  Mame Hooker and DemulShooter are now disabled by default (see pics):

Please note, that the ini's I include have some configuration settings specific to Hyperspin Attraction II v1.1, so be sure to make a backup of your files before copying/overwriting over them.  I added all lightgun games (that I know of) to the iniís so you donít need to manually add them in RLUI, just enable either DS or MH and your good to go!

Just adding rumble to my Gun4IRs and looking forwarding to trying this.

I use Launchbox and call Rocketlauncher as my emulator. Currently using LEDBlinky support in Launchbox as well. I read that having both LEDBlinky and MAME Hooker consuming outputs causes issues.

Would adding an option to disable LEDBlinky before calling MAME Hooker and also re-enabling LEDBlinky after be something that would fit and be possible with these updated modules?

Iím almost certain it can be done.  Not too sure about the outputs having issues with running both Led Blinky and MH, I have not read about it.  Anything is possible.  I donít use LED Blinky, but I have it and can test it out when I have time.

Updated the package to include DemulShooter 10.10.0

Also updated the PCLauncher.ini with the new entries (see attachment)


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