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FREE HP Design Jet 6100 Large Format 62" Printer (Nutley, New Jersey)

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Saw this in CL. It might be good to print your own Sideart with it.

Not Mine, good luck whoever picks it up FREE.

Probably needs $2-3k in parts.  I used to mess around with one of these.   :(


--- Quote from: pbj on April 21, 2023, 04:36:53 pm ---Probably needs $2-3k in parts.  I used to mess around with one of these.   :(

--- End quote ---

we had one of the HP large format printers at work.
3k sounds about right just for ink and printheads.

yeah, our boss looked into getting an old government surplus HP 42" wide printer... we could have got it for 300 bucks... but by the time you service it and replace the heads, ink tubes and buy a set of inks for it, we were looking at about 3k in parts plus rolls of paper. not that we wouldn't have made that back in prints, but it's a pretty hearty chunk to bite off to get an old used machine going again, especially when you can get a NEW 36 wide (which is about as wide as we would ever need anyway) for about the same price as the parts to fix an OLD one.

i mean if that freebie has a few more prints left in it, it would be worth it to get, even if only to get a control panel or 2 out of it.

On ours, the belt got jammed and then the printer proceeded to shred it and explode it everywhere on the inside.  That was $800.  Print heads on another service call were about $1,200.  The guy that repaired it wondered what in the hell we were doing with it as it was really intended for professional print shops.  He claimed HP sold very few printers like that.  I guess they had to blow some department funds at the end of a fiscal year or something.  I accidentally printed an invoice on it once.  And TMNT control panel art.  Accidentally.  But man we got some beautiful work related posters on the thickest, glossiest roll of paper I've ever seen.  The end of an era - now the scientists are printing them on some kind of fold up cloth vinyl stuff that you can put in a backpack and unfold relatively unscathed.  Runs about $75 a print.  Means fewer scientists arguing in the airport over which poster tube is theirs, too!



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