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Before I got hit with brain cancer, TWICE, I was really active on these boards jumping on all sorts of projects. One of the reasons I tend to work on my own stuff alone is because projects fade away until I am one of the last people to work on them, and then I find the obligation to see things through too much since usually I start in a position I am comfortable with but then the other stuff I'm not gets left on me as well...

Anyways I was transferring stuff to a new computer and came across a bunch of music I wrote for a project I was part of that didn't get finished with someone who I have too much respect for to shame publicly :P I run an audio business, and am a session musician but mostly I fix audio that other people mess up. It's a pretty good gig, and my day job is grinding me down but I'm in a position where I need employment; not just to have money, but because you need to hold a job for a significant amount of time to qualify for a mortgage and I'd like to purchase another property. I've since been using those old tracks out of context from their original purpose on my advertising campaign as I try to get more of a down payment where I want to live, which is about 90 minute's drive from my current residence in a valley by a lake.

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