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Wireless keyboard encoder?


DaOld Man:
Howdy folks! happy Easter and I hope you all are doing fine.
Sorry I havent been around much, life and all, you know.
No updates on the RPi Jukebox I was working on. I made the mistake of buying my GF an Echo Show (Alexa), and she decided that would do everything my juke box will, so i put the jukebox on hold. Im sure i will find another project for the junk I bought for it.
Anyway, i was wondering if anyone makes a wireless keyboard encoder?
I plugged my computer into my Living Room TV and used a wireless keyboard and mouse to play some games, and I thought, this would be great for a wireless arcade console panel.
I could hack the wireless keyboard and mouse but Im sure I would run into ghosting problems.
A keyboard encoder would be better i think. (IE keywiz, etc).

PS, no I havent search for any info or projects on here cause Im a lazy (INSERT EXPLICIT HERE). LOL


--- Quote from: DaOld Man on April 08, 2023, 07:55:45 am ---Anyway, i was wondering if anyone makes a wireless keyboard encoder?

--- End quote ---
Ultimarc makes two versions of the BlueHID.
- BC: On-board Charging
- BH: On-board CR2032 Battery Holder

--- Quote ---Total 36 connection pins.

Max 6 analog axes on 36 possible pins.
Max 32 Gamepad buttons.
Max 3 Quadrature mouse axes (X, Y and Z)
Max 36 keyboard keys on 36 possible pins.
Max 16 LEDs in any combination of PC or Blue-HID controlled.
Max 36 low-current output drivers.

--- End quote ---


DaOld Man:
Thanks PL1.
But maybe Im missing something. Is this wireless? Meaning no wired connection to the PC?
Wireless keyboards and mice have a small receiver that plugs into a PC USB port.
Im seeing optional bluetooth dongle, I guess this would have to be purchased to make it truly wireless?
I may have to brush up on keyboard hacks and using diodes to prevent ghosting, then destroy a cheap wireless keyboard. (Dusting off my mad scientist hat).
Maybe hack the mouse to use as a spinner or trackball?

DaOld Man:
Ok, I read some of the manual, it is bluetooth but does require the dongle, or maybe any type will work?


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