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Best display to replace CRT?

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I'm looking for recommendations on what type of TV or monitor is recommended these days to best replace a CRT in my arcade cab.  I currently have a 25" CRT in it.  My plan is to get a 48" to 50" 4K TV or monitor and mount it vertically.  I can fit up to 25" in width inside the cabinet.  This approach wastes much of the physical screen, but will allow me to have a great experience with 4:3 and 3:4 games, with full high-res bezels. (As many have done on this forum).  I do plan to use shaders to come as close to CRT as possible. (I know, nothing beats the real thing)

I'm looking at 48" LG OLED TVs - you get the pure blacks and fast response times.  I don't THINK burn-in would be an issue.
Is there anything else I should consider?  (Those are still pretty darn expensive, I'm keeping my eyes open for one that has damage on only the part of the screen that won't be seen)


Best (and IMO easiest) to just replace it with another CRT  :dunno    Looks better, lots cheaper too.

If you can't source the same size CRT arcade monitor for some reason, there are still plenty of 25-27" CRT TVs out there that are easy to convert/mod/adapt. If you get stuck, come here and ask questions.

Thank you kindly for your reply!
I would love to keep the CRT in place, BUT... as I have posted before I have some sort of sensitivity to it.  There are times when I do better.  I generally can't be at my arcade for more than 20 minutes before I can feel the effects, and that is tragic.  Probably EMF sensitivity.  I have an electronic meter.  I CAN be around 7-8 ft away from my CRT TV with no apparent issues.  For that I have a console emulation setup and I'm using your INCREDIBLE GreenAntz VGA to component transcoder!
I've posted about this sensitivity before and have been seriously flamed for it.  Whatever.  It's an issue for me.
You have to be right up close with an arcade, and THAT is a problem for me.
For that reason I need to change it out, because I really want to PLAY my cab.  =D
There are drawbacks, but then I gain the benefit of having the full bezel graphics and can appropriately size the games.  Having everything blown up to 25" doesn't exactly look right to me for many games that used smaller screens. 
Having the bezel artwork is going to play very well with what I'm doing with this cab, which I will eventually show on this forum. 
Anyway, that's the scoop  =D

Well darn, that seems a pretty good reason to swap a CRT for and OLED, at least on the face of it.

I have no directly relatable experience at retrofitting OLEDs (lol, seems strange, said in this context).

Oh right, I recall that thread now. The usual suspects turned up to roast you, oh dear  :dunno

I do believe what you were saying/experiencing. Though also admit I that I don't understand what is going on or whether it is EMF sensitivity or whatever. Still seems more likely that it is something like eye strain or some hidden condition like epilepsy. Which is not good. See a doctor.

You mentioned a skin irritation "burning" sensation, something like sunburn. Has this produced any observable symptoms like a rash or blistering? This is physical evidence, show it to a doctor.

Of course, it is theoretically possible that a CRT could be emitting X-rays. That could be an issue if you spend a lot of time working at the back of one??? Seems a unlikely culprit, but you can get a meter to measure that.

Personally, I try to spend no more than 2 hours in front of a screen, any kind of screen, before taking a break. I get tired eyes, headaches, even nausea if I push too long. Extreme light sensitivity. Sometimes stabbing pain and flashes in my peripheral vision if I really push too hard. Similar thing happens from too much closeup electronics work with magnifiers and lights, like building GreenAntz :)  It gets worse as I get older, and spectacles are not a realistic option. I worry about glaucoma. I consulted with my optometrist about this recently, he did the usual tests and just shrugged like "all is reasonably good, happens to everyone".

So you're OK when playing console games with a CRT+GreenAntz, where you are probably 1-2 meters away from the screen? You still get similar symptoms from watching an OLED over a longer period. This honestly does sound like eyestrain :) We mostly tend to get more long-sighted as we age, it gets harder to see things up close.

A freshly rebuilt CRT chassis might help with eye strain too.

The panel swap you are talking about will be a headache for so many reasons.


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