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Ropi Jo:

deleted as requested

If it was already built to hold a CRT isn't it just easier to replace that thing?
If it was using an old consumer tube to begin with making that happen for a different one is not that difficult.

Why rush to LCD?

These days, its possible to convert ("mod") almost any old CRT TV into an arcade "monitor" for a cab, with either RGB or component (DVD) inputs. True, that might involve a little soldering, but is all easier than you might think. Then you just setup Groovymame with a compatible video card (cheaper than you might think!).

This would be a significant improvement from the s-video, direct out of video card, that you had before (that would have been all 640x480i I think).

If you choose to take the CRT route I promise to help you / advise for any modding required ;)  If you can find an appropriately sized CRT TV with component/DVD inputs then no modding required, I can sell you a GreenAntz transcoder (cheaper than you might think!) and you just plug it in to get going.

LCD?  Meh don't bother with updates nobody is interested.

Ropi Jo:

--- Quote from: Gilrock on April 05, 2023, 08:10:35 am ---LCD?  Meh don't bother with updates nobody is interested.

--- End quote ---



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