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Who wants to clean up the Jumping Jack marquee?

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This is awesome.

Holy crap this is amazing!!  Thank you 10yard!!   :notworthy:

Our own zeorangr also took a crack at it yesterday and sent me THIS.  I threw it into my cab and it looks great.

One thing I noticed upon close inspection is if you look at the red background in the front of the "J"s it DOES NOT appear to be perfectly round in the MAME Extras Pack marquee image.  10yard's version looks identical to this: 

BUT, BowloRamaGuy (the Jumping Jack WR holder on Twin Galaxies) sent me a picture of an actual Jumping Jack marquee that he owns and it has the rounded background:

So this leads me to believe that the reference image is not accurate even though 10yard's version is spot on to the example I provided.  I think zeorangr's is also a little off upon closer inspection because the "J" in "Jack" is much closer to the top of the marquee based on the real world image. This is minor stuff.

10yard and zeorangr - can't thank you guys enough for the images.  I have been playing this game for 10+ years and now having accurate artworks makes it that much more enjoyable for me.  Also, after talking to BowloRamaGuy, I looked up his WR run and there are so many ways to score points and earn free guys that I had no idea about.  This game is seriously fun and more than it initially seems - give it a shot and see if you can top my 51,925 high score!


EDIT: 57,565!!

EDIT2: 68,990 Let's gooooo!!!!!

EDIT3: 82,865!  I think I've figured out how to score but I'm not great at actually doing it haha...

I've been building 9x16 views with working controls on the MAMEWorld  forum all posted under MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects

Got into making some of the Universal Cabinets and got to Jumping Jack, so I tried my hand the Marquee.
I started with 10Yard's  File(saved a lot of work)and the pic posted of the original, Put the picture over 10Yards squared it up and tried to match the original.
but it's here if you want it.


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