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Who wants to clean up the Jumping Jack marquee?

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I would do this myself if I knew how... I'm hoping someone out there can create/clean up the marquee for Jumping Jack (Universal 1984).  It would need to be turned into a high-resolution file because the current size below looks extremely pixelated when displayed on a monitor.

This is the best version I could find:

The colors are not right - on KLOV there is a pic of the cabinet and you can see the checkerboard is green and black:

There are other art files for reference HERE and HERE. 

I'm currently using a homemade marquee where I just chopped off the top of the flyer.  It's fine but I'd love to be able to display the "real" one.

Wish I had the skill to help!

Never got to play that one.
Funny how random some of the artwork was for some games, isn't it?
What does checkerboard have to do with bouncing around through a jungle paradise anyway?!

You have an original cabinet?


--- Quote from: bobbyb13 on March 29, 2023, 02:57:58 pm ---You have an original cabinet?

--- End quote ---

I wish!  Right now this is how I'm playing it:

It's a seriously fun game.  Kind of stupid and each stage is really just an obstacle course but you can kill enemies by timing your jumps on the see-saws.  Colors are awesome and it follows the Universal formula for extra lives like Mr. Do! by spelling out "EXTRA" but the funny part is that I've sunk tons of hours into this game and I've never seen a letter appear on screen.  I have no idea how the extra lives actually work!

Right now my high score is 51,725, which is pretty OK, I think.   :cheers:

See-saw launch the white monkeys for EXTRA letters apparently!

I need to get some more control panels built for one of the MAME boxes so I can play this one.

Hopefully a graphics genius will appear here for you soon.

How's this for ya?

I redid the artwork making some guesses at the colours.  The high resolution PNG (3200x1007 pixels) is attached along with the source PDN from which contains all the separated layers.  I could go back and adjust colours if something is not right.

I found a neat chequerboard generator at for the background.
The Universal logo was adjusted from the one found on the Mr Do! marquee.
The high quality "Jumping Jack" lettering was pulled from the arcade flyer on Launchbox database at

Looks like a cool game to check out.


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