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Horizontal width on 20" Hantarex Polo/3


Anyone have an idea which of the two coils on the pictures is for horizontal width (screen size)?
The monitor is an 20" Hantarex Polo/3.


left hand side coil width, right hand is linearity
there is horizontal size pot on the remote board, its marked h.amp

Hi grantspain
Thanx for the tip about H. Amp pot. That did the job :)
I wasn't much into adjusting the coil as it's a little more difficult to reach for me.
Do you know the difference between adjusting the horizontal coil and the H. Amp?

the width coil is more like a preset level whereas the h.amp is the main adjustment
sometimes on hanty chassis if the width coil is badly adjusted you can get issues whereby the side pincushion is bad and width won't go full range

even worse is when the width control circuit fails and someone uses the lin coil to bring the width in, then when you fix the width circuit you get all sorts of compression issues


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