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How to gain permissions to view user profiles?


Lately I've seen a few posts by folks that show off a portion of a personal arcade machine build, and  I click on their username in an attempt to see other posts by them - hoping I might be able to get more details about a particular build.  When I do, I get taken to a page that tells me "You are not allowed to access this section."

Is this a feature that's just generally not available here?  Or do I need to do something to earn a higher permission level?  I see that I'm still considered a "Newbie" since I haven't posted or commented, despite being a member here for over ten years.  :)

Thanks for any help!

When your first post was approved, your account auto-upgraded to "Jr. Member" status.

You now have access to user profiles and the Private Message system.   :cheers:

BTW, for any perma-lurkers who want to find posts by a user, the search icon at the top of the page works for all accounts.   ;D



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