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I'm getting ready to start a twin cabinet project.   I'm on the fence between the older Sega Model 2 cabinets (Original Daytona, wood variety for example), or the somewhat newer Sega RingWide Cabinets (Sega Classic Racing for example). 

The supply of used driving cabinets seems to have run out, or people want stupid money for them.  And twin cabinets?  Forget it.  So I'm just going to build my own.  I had to tear down my old cabinet a few years ago, but I'm at a point where I can jump back in.  (Old cab was based on the more modern Sega Classic style)

For me, I like the look of the modern Sega Classic cabinet, but the Daytona has that nostalgic charm (and more room for PCs and gear behind the monitor is a huge bonus).   For gear I've got Fanatec setups (CSW 2.5 and a DD), as I'm somewhere in the SimCade world (love Arcade games and silly stuff like Burnout Paradise, but also like modern PC racers like Dirt Rally and AC).   I'm building a twin because my boys want to get in on the action now too. 

If you were going to build one, which one would you choose, and why?

I built a "Dayclona",155515.0.html

actually, that's pretty friggin' good for a copy if i say so.


I'd pick a cabinet based on the game I like better or the cab i like the look of more. STCC was a big one for me, a little more classy than the common Daytonas and Sega Rally's. But i hear you about having more space in the cab to house the PC and gear.

And for sure, while i don't agree with everything he did, Malenkos build is awesome.

I'd choose the old style Daytona cabinet. fueled by nostalgia 100%, but I just think it looks nicer than the more modern Sega Racing Classics one.


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