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Securing Control Panel with Euro Hinges


I have a cabinet with the euro hinges that all the cabinet kits and some custom builders use. While it is convenient, it isn't as stable as I'd like and the more people lean and play vigorously the more it is going to loosen and move slightly. While it isn't terrible yet, it moves just enough to annoy me on one side. Screws are tightened, it is just not a solid design. I would like to secure the control panel so it does not move at all, and was thinking control panel latches but cannot find any tutorials on how they install so am not sure a latch would work with a control panel that just lays flat onto a control panel box. I would like to hear any and all solutions to securing this panel.

I just screw the control panel with black sheetrock screws directly, ive always try to hide them, its strong and never had any problems, and with the control panel latches, are easy to instal, but due to a lenguage barrier i cant tell you a well way to do it, maybe someone else will help you. But hey, sheetrock screws are the way to go for me , they dont look bad.


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