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DIY touchscreen jukebox help


I want to build a touchscreen jukebox
But am a noob to this, have done some research on google but not much help
I want to start off by getting a all in one touchscreen pc
The adapt it to a basic cabinet to start
Also want a descent sound
Was wanting to use Spotify or I I am in the middle of ripping about 10,000 albums onto external hdd and run from there
Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started
So I can get my head around stuff then want to upgrade to a arcade/jukebox/ karaoke touchscreen
So basics are pc and a separate touchscreen monitor
Or all in one
Then some basic software to get started
Will I need to convert my hdd music
Or can I just use Spotify
Any help would be appreciated

I could[/img] buy a cheap second hand one and replace the buttons etc with a touchscreen
Then I would need to workout how to run it
With a pc ? Or a ai1
Any ideas

you can set it up any which way you want. your audio source is going to depend on what you want to listen to... and anything you can do on/with your computer, you can do with a jukebox...since, y'know... it's basically a computer in a fancy box.

i have over 60,000 mp3's ive ripped over the years, and i mainly listen to older music... so i wouldn't do spotify or anything like that. but that's me. if you have a spotify or itunes or siriusxm account or whatever and that's all you listen to, just set your box up to do that. if you want to do mp3's take a look at all the jukebox software and find one that looks good... dwjukebox is popular mainly cause it' integrates into mame so the people around here pokes about in the audio sub-forum so if you run into an issue setting it up he/she/it/they can help you out.

there's no right or wrong way, it's just daunting to get started  :cheers:

Cheers for that
That clears a lot up. Can you have voice activated like Alexa
And will a hifi  amp be ok to power the speakers?
Will have a bit play about with pc first then build the unit
Thanks again


--- Quote from: Daddynoob on February 22, 2023, 07:39:26 am ---Can you have voice activated like Alexa

--- End quote ---

there is a PC version of alexa app available on the amazon website. i'm not sure how integrated you can get with it or how you'd configure things, as I'm a Google household. But i'm sure you could set it up to do what you would like. I don't think it's too far out of their apps wheelhouse as far as controls. it should then integrate with any other devices/speakers etc you have already. if i would garner a guess you'd just configure in the app your juke computer as "jukebox" then you'd could probably just say "Alexa play my jukebox" and it would. you'll have to see what you can do. I don't know if they have restrictions on the kinds of apps that can be run by Alexa or anything like that.

--- Quote from: Daddynoob on February 22, 2023, 07:39:26 am ---And will a hifi  amp be ok to power the speakers?

--- End quote ---

absolutely. anything really. you could install a bluetooth dongle and stream to wireless bluetooth speakers... wire up a power amp to the computer's audio output for big speakers or tie it into your home theater.... the sky's the limit really.

--- Quote from: Daddynoob on February 22, 2023, 07:39:26 am ---Will have a bit play about with pc first then build the unit
Thanks again

--- End quote ---

no worries. this is the best way to go. just play around... make lots of notes. make lots of mistakes. keep backups of installs on a usb stick if something goes south on you so you can start over easily. (basically keep a running instruction sheet .... install this this this and configure this like that and connect here and done.) once you have it working how you like, you can decide what/where/how you are going to use it.

keep in mind once you start this project you might have to make sacrifices in some areas for functionality... it may even completely change the scope of the project once you get into it... don't try and shoehorn an idea into something it might not be able to be. allow it to evolve naturally. you will be more satisfied with your end product.  :cheers:


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