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World Class Bowling Control Panel Artwork


I am trying to refurbish my World Class Bowling cabinet.  I am having difficulty finding the artwork for the decals/stickers that go around the buttons on the control panel.   I have the background overlay that has the wood alley pattern on it, but I need the decals/stickers.  Specifically, I am looking for the "hook left", "hook right", and, "One to Four can play", and "start" images.  If possible, I'd also like the rules overview that goes around the trackball.  Does anyone happen to have high quality images of each of these so I can have them printed up?  Or perhaps someone may have some NOS laying around that were unused and they would be willing to sell? 

I have attached an image of what the control panel is supposed to look like.  Please advise if anyone knows where I can find these.  Thanks!


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