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My living room Jukebox/Stereo (DWJukebox)


I’m using a low-cost Windows 10 mini PC as a component with my TV, functioning primarily as a Jukebox running DWJukebox.  I’ve designed the three skins that I use daily.

Overall operation: 
I tell Alexa to turn on the stereo, which applies power to the PC.
PC boots and runs the batch file “menu.bat’ when power is applied.
I select the mode I want from four choices.
All operation is possible from my Bluetooth keypad….no full keyboard required.

Typically, I just play random music from my 1500 albums.  For that, I tend to now use the display-only skin with the lady playing the jukebox at Red Lobster.   

AllegroSkin is used when I want to go all-in on the jukebox experience.

LP Party gets used when I want to thumb through my random albums to find an album to play.  As far as I know, DWJukebox is the only program that can be configured to show random albums, and I use that skin a lot.

I added Musicbee today.  I wanted to be able to navigate my collection to find and play a specific album.  Musicbee can be operated pretty well with the TAB key and a few other keys I have programmed.  DELETE to exit the program, ENTER to select the highlighted track, <-BACK for play/pause, MINUS to clear the queue.

Yes, I still have a dedicated wall jukebox and use DWJukebox on my laptop, but this whole “jukebox from the couch” using a keypad and our flatscreen (with amp, speakers, and subwoofer) is a really good setup.  That mini PC….which features a MicroSD card slot for the 21,677 MP3’s….makes a unique “stereo” with a ton of unique functionality.  What a great hobby.

Attract mode I created for when Allegro Skin is idle.


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