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Thanks for the tips.

It's OPTIX right? Lowe's carries this. But it's acrylic, not polycarbonate.  I thought acrylic was prone to crack with a router bit?

Also, I decided to cut all together - mdf and lexan- using some of the tips provided here.

Question: lexan on top or on bottom?

acrylic AKA "plexiglas" is scratch resistant but has a tendency to crack or break if stressed too much. it is also susceptible to some chemicals causing "crazing"

polycarbonate AKA "lexan"  scratches if you so much as look at it funny but is strong enough to survive being bent over itself 180 degrees dozens of times over and over before it would give up and break.

typically it goes control panel -> artwork -> plastic.

Mike A:
If the cab is for home use you don't need to bother with plexi at all.


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