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Does anyone know of a service that provides CNC woodworking for a simple control panel? 

The ones I found mentioned across several posts here seem to be long gone or no longer performing custom CNC services.

I'm in Ohio.

google maps is your friend.

there are tons of woodworking/cabinetry places that do CNC, mainly because its faster and more accurate to have a CNC do it opposed to a guy using templates or jiggs.

your main issue is going to be finding someone who wants to take on side work.

we have a woodwork guy in a bay 4 down from us at my work who does CNC stuff, but does not want to take on side work since they already have a ton of stuff they do constantly already, so we take our stuff across town. as convenient as a CNC guy is to us, it just isn't in the cards for us.

also check around for "makerspaces" ... you might be able to "rent" time on a CNC this way.

protip: do all your CNC layout if you have the ability and be ready to give your guy a ready to go DXF.

if you have a ready to go file and they can just load your material in and hit start, you are more likely to find someone who will just do this for you opposed to having to go find someone who will not only MAKE your item in CAD, but also cut it. most of your time will be spent in CAD making the thing. if your guy knows he just needs to supply a half hour or hour of CNC time and maybe a new bit, he will be more likely to say yes than having to take a guy and pay him to CAD it up too.

Thanks a lot. 

Yes I have the DXF ready to go!  I do CAD work for a living.   I'll see if I can find someone locally!

A few basic comments. Having a DXF is a great start but converting that to a cut capable file depends on some toolpathing for traditional CNC. This isn't a big deal if the file is relatively straightforward for your CNC provider to do. You will need to provide whoever is going to do this with the DXF and the material or material specs to allow toolpathing.

Where roughly are you located regionally?

Im in the Cincinnati area.

There is an incredible place I found called the Manufactory and they have a high end CNC. I can get trained for $90 and then $35 for a full day.   I will be learning and doing this myself.
Software is Mach3.


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