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Second entry into silverball madness. When it rains...

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Haven't had time to try.
I had been waiting on various parts for numerous projects and everything came in/back to me all at once.
So now I have a year's worth of projects already in the workshop.

Getting one of the pins going is a priority but I still have a lot to learn so we'll see how long it takes.

That game sold for a fortune when the other Bally 35s were cheap.  I owned one for awhile, back when I was so broke I had a PC power supply spliced in rather than spend $20 on a replacement 5V voltage regulator.

Anyway, that machine is thoroughly documented and everything has been reproduced several times over.  The repair guides will step you through it.

Getting one for free?  Wow.


Yeah, I'm still stunned.
If it came from a different neighborhood I would've expected a rat farm but the thing is cosmetically damn nice and the guy wouldn't take anything for it.
Something along the lines of "I need the space, I can tell you'll take care of it, just invite me over to play it when you get it working."
Well, hell yeah.

After cleaning it and successfully replacing all the rubber bits, I figured I needed something to do while waiting for a replacement power supply. I thought about fixing the original but it is so corroded as to be spooky.
Half the mask is gone so beyond my current skill level to deal with.
It came with a second newer power module too but that one doesn't produce proper voltages either.

And so my first healthy dose of humiliation was replacing drop targets.
All of them yellow and worn looking, one replaced with a bullseye, one broken in half- so I figured next on the list.
I learned a lot in the 2 hours it took me to do those- especially since I thought it would be about 15 min.

It's good to start with such a thoroughly supported machine for sure.

Every time I look at all the parts of these things and the pile of 'hotrodding' accessories people have dreamed up I chuckle at your first comment to me when I talked about wanting a pinball machine pbj-

Bring money
Holy ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---, I thought video games were a wallet leech.
These freakin things appear to be more like owning a 40 year old boat.

Which, I did, once-

Well I got a Big Daddy PS for the EBD here, along with all new pins and connectors, and after getting that all squared away I still get no action out of the MPU.

Well deserved plug for Dave at Alltek here.
I emailed him about my dilemma and after a good number of question/ answer emails he offered to repair and upgrade my old one for $15.
Nice guy, top quality product support, especially since I wasn't even the original purchaser of his board and have no idea what it endured before it got to me.
He also offered me a discount on a new solenoid board too, to send along when he returns my upgraded MPU.

Can't ask for better customer service.

I had already gotten a few other new bits so I might be playing this beast in a week or so.

Nice to see progress with this project, love to see a pinball come to life.


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