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Second entry into silverball madness. When it rains...

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It pours pinball.

Well four days after the Simpsons machine showed up I get a call from a Hawai'i number I don't know.
Typically I assume it is something from my old friend 'Scam Likely' but something told me to answer this one.

Nice sounding gent says he is calling about my ad on craigslist about a pinball project.
"I got a machine here if you're interested.  Doesn't work but at least it lights up.  Has a cowboy theme to it."

Would love to look!

"I thought I would be the one getting it running but I just won't ever get the time and need the space.  If you want it just come grab it."

Um... I can be there in an hour or so if that's ok!

And what is waiting on the other side of the island?
Here it is back in my shop.

Holy crap-

Makes the Simpsons cabinet look like it was used as an anchor.

Four hours with some naptha and Novus and swapping in the rubber kit that was already inside the cabinet got it to here.

Needs harness work all over due to some pretty gooey cupric oxide paste which oddly is on one particular wire throughout the cabinet in various connectors and it doesn't boot up (---smurfy--- power supply- big surprise) but it has a new looking MPU that doesn't even yet have the game select dip switches set properly even.

New PS on the way along with some other broken bits to replace.

Race is on to see which of these fortuitous scores is working first.


Always wanted 1-2 pinballs, but everyone I know that gets into them ends up with a shed full. It's an all-in-or-nothing kind of hobby.

Good luck with the restorations. Keen to see how you go.

Mike A:
Voice of experience.

Get stuff working before you buy more stuff.

Have a place where people can play the games that do work.

I know guys that have 100 or more freaking games and none of them work.

At that point they are hoarders and not collectors.

Every year there are guys on KLOV selling off their giant hoard of nonworking junk.

I know you can get ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- done so I am not too worried. But I am a little worried....hehe.

Funny you should say that Mike, as when Nikki and I were upstairs in the newly rearranged ArcadeLoft yesterday she asked "So how many of these are working?"
Apart from cosmetic bezel or control panel details that assortment would be...

Two Rush 2049s (but not linked yet)
Missile Command MAME box
Neo Geo 4 slot
Mister/MAME console

Waiting on my Rampage harness to return from being loaned out so I can finish that.
Monitor chassis for Star Wars Trilogy just returned so that can get put back together soon too.
Cruisin' Exotica downstairs is working too but will get sold when completely done.
New scratch Cosmic Chasm multi vector only gives me a winking colored dot for picture at the moment.
Simpsons pinball needs a power supply it appears.

Suppose I should produce some pictures.

Pinball does certainly seem like the pinnacle of this hobby.
There is a lot going on in these beasts.

And I greatly appreciate the confidence gents!

Mike A:
You have both Rush cabs working?


Are you having a problem getting them linked?


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